Proven performance in processing and drug stability

Sealed Air's expertise in materials development can be shown through testing and validation work.

It is known that certain materials are able to absorb the active ingredients of drugs to a greater or lesser extent. One study undertaken in China by three independent laboratories looked at the efficacy of M312 against PVC and glass containers over a range of 45 drugs.

Key findings

  • Without exception, Nexcel® M312 maintained the drug concentration better than the other two materials

  • The loss of concentration depended on the drug and the alternative packaging material but ranged, over a 48 hour period, from 3% at the low end up to a loss of concentration of 30% at the high end

M312 even exceeded glass, generally considered the most inert packaging material, in its ability not to absorb active ingredients and so weaken drug efficacy.

Change in concentration of drugs tested with various primary packaging materials

reduction of drug concentration