Research shows that consumers complain that pouch zippers are difficult to reseal, often requiring significant effort to align the matching parts. Equally troubling is the unreliable openability. And some package formats such as trays with lids are not amenable to zipper style closures.

For Processors, zippers offer little in the way of sustainability, requiring a larger package size to accommodate closing of the zipper. Additionally, there are significant issues with on-line leakers from sealing the zipper into the base pouch. 

The Sealed Air Solution

The Research and Development Team at Sealed Air developed a range of Easy-Open Reclosable solutions known as Multiseal suitable for a variety of package styles. In 2009, the Cryovac® Multiseal tray/lid solution won the FPA Gold award in technical innovation. And the innovation continues…

The newest addition to the Multi-Seal® portfolio of solutions is Multi-Seal® FoldLOK, an innovative Easy Open Reclosable packaging alternative to Press-to-Close and Slide zippers for pouches. Multi-Seal® FoldLOK is available as either Roll Stock or Pre-made pouches with Pillow or Bottom Gusset stand-up style. The roll stock option is a multi-component system solution that can be retrofitted to most Horizontal Form Fill Seal Pouch-making and some Vertical Form Fill Seal packaging systems. The fully integrated Multi-Seal® FoldLOK Roll Stock systems have been developed through collaborative efforts with HayssenSandiacre and Ulma, with both being major Original Equipment Manufacturers for Vertical Form Fill Seal packaging systems to the Food industry.

Multi-Seal® FoldLOK includes multiple benefits at both the processor and consumer levels.

At the consumer level, two of the most often cited complaints with Press-to-Close zipper technologies are unreliable opening and difficulty reclosing the package.Multi-Seal® FoldLOK is easily opened by pulling and removing a laser-scored panel in the face of the package, exposing both the package opening and the Pressure Sensitive Adhesive re-seal surface which are specifically designed to minimize incidental contact with the product in the package.

Product is easily dispensed from the opening which is almost the full width of the package.

Resealing the package is achieved by simply folding the top along a laser scored fold line and pressing the surfaces together. Precise alignment is not required.

At the Processor level, Multi-Seal® FoldLOK delivers sustainability and potential cost improvements through reduction of package size and potentially, the reduction in on-line leaker defects. Unlike Press-to-Close zipper, Multi-Seal® FoldLOK packages do not require a package “header” which reduces the required web width by 2”-3”. The smaller package optimizes case utilization and provides enhanced distribution logistics.

The MultiStrip component that incorporates the Pressure Sensitive Adhesive is only 4.8 mils (122 micron) thick, which greatly minimizes the sealing challenges associated with the typically 40-100 mil (1000-2500 micron) thick Press-to-Close zippers and enhances package hermeticity.

Our first commercial Multi-Seal® FoldLOK application is at Trader Joe’s Supermarkets on a 12-oz Shredded Medium Cheddar Cheese application.