As more and more temperature dependent drugs are developed, pharmaceutical companies are grappling with how to ship these drugs cost effectively.  This becomes problematic, especially over long distances, as the drugs must be kept within a constant temperature band over the life of the journey.  Drug companies in the past have relied on large coolers, with thick walls, and a large amount of freeze packs to ensure the payload can maintain temperature over several days.  These coolers are expensive to ship as they are large and heavy and typically won’t last for more than 72 hours.


Sealed Air manufactures a state-of-the-art insulation called Vacuum Insulation Panels (VIP) under the brand name of Kevothermal.   These panels are 7-10 times better in insulating performance than conventional insulation.  A one inch thick VIP has an R value of 36.  Coolers made with VIPs are smaller, lighter and keep cargo cold for a much longer period of time.

Benefits of Kevothermal VIPs

Shippers made with Kevothermal VIPs are smaller, lighter and perform for a much longer period of time than conventional shippers.   This allows pharmaceutical companies to ship temperature dependent drugs over long distances and internationally, since the shipper will keep the drugs at temperature for 5+ days.  As shipping companies move to DIM pricing, shippers made from VIPS are much less expensive to ship as well.  Kevothermal VIPS are also completely recyclable.

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