Sealed Air is a leading supplier of innovative solutions and technologies for the construction industry. Our high performance solutions are currently serving the construction market sector allowing customers to provide energy efficiency, improved thermal insulation, noise reduction, and moisture protection.

"Over 30 Years Experience
in the Construction Industry"

Our extensive expertise in high performance, extruded closed cell polyethylene foam combined with our strong R&D capabilities allows Sealed Air to deliver innovative and efficient solutions in the construction and infrastructure industry - from commercial building to tunnel - from swimming pools to theatres. We offer a comprehensive range of low and high density foams with special formulations that include fire retardent, UV and acoustic performance.

Sealed Air solutions can be found in a diverse range of construction applications including Thermal & Acoustic insulation. Our High Density materials are used to create concrete forms and to provide ballast & vibration dampening in underground construction projects.

Acoustic Solutions

Acoustic foam solutions designed to absorb and reduce noise in indoor and outdoor applications.


Noise and Vibration Solutions

Foam solutions designed to respond either to structural vibrations, ground-borne noise or secondary air-borne noise.


Thermal Solutions

Thermal Insulation Solutions to reduce thermal conduction or thermal radiation or a combination of both.