Sergio Pupkin

Vice President, Strategy, Mergers and Acquisitions

Sergio Pupkin has been an integral part of Sealed Air’s success, including an extensive history with our former Diversey Care division.  His deep knowledge of the business, along with his leadership skills, has led to him being highly respected among his peers and colleagues.  Sergio has a strong educational background in business from Universidad de Buenos Aires, is fluent in multiple languages and has a proven track record for delivering results.

Among his numerous accomplishments, Sergio is most recently responsible for leading our former Diversey Care’s Strategic Marketing function and encompassing global platforms, strategic sectors, marketing technology, competitive intelligence and communications.  Prior to this, Sergio served as Global Vice President for Diversey’s Facility Management Sector, with line responsibility over the strategic sector and global key accounts.

Sergio Pupkin, Vice President, Strategy, Mergers and Acquisitions